Sometimes you just outgrow your home and adding custom home additions can give you that extra space you need. When J.R. Heald Builders adds to your home, it doesn’t just add a stand alone enhancement – it transforms the entire home.

The addition should blend seamlessly with the current architecture and style of your existing space. A custom addition should complement the home and not take over as its own structure. Easy to say – not always easy to do.

Some of the most popular additions consist of:

  • Family rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Garages

To make the entire structure seamless it is always recommended to consider updating windows, siding and roofing for the entire home if needed.

Looking to get started?

  • Find a reputable designer/architect – we are happy to give recommendations, just ask!
  • Come up with a plan that works for you, both in use of space and budget then work with us to determine next steps!
  • Make important choices. This might include tile/flooring, windows, siding, etc. These items will need to be ordered ahead so the sooner you have selections, the smoother the process should be.
  • Contact J.R. Heald Builders for a consultation

Once the project is in motion and the build begins, we will be checking in regularly through phone or face-to-face meetings to ensure we are on the same page.

Sit back and enjoy your new addition!