Custom EnergyStar Homes

Imagine your custom home where every detail was exactly how you envisioned. Every room was placed according to the flow of your life and no room was extra or out of place. Light switches, doors, counters and colors all placed as you see fit.

Let J.R. Heald Builders bring your custom home vision to life.

Whether you are building a luxury custom home or adding a new custom addition to your existing home, J.R. Heald Builders will be with you every step of the way.

Our attention to detail means the result is high-quality, long-lasting and enhancing in every way possible. J.R. Heald Builders will work with you each and every step of the way to ensure your dream custom home is built to exceptional standards.

It is important to us that your home is efficient, well-designed and clean…and most importantly, a space you enjoy!

Important things to consider when preparing for a custom home build:

  • Get REAL about your house budget. A poor budget planning leads to undue stress, cutting corners and unhappiness with your home. Prepare a solid plan – including unforeseen costs. Locally, First Seacoast Bank has a great offering of wealth management and financial literacy resources for you to access. We work with them often.
  • Choose your team! Here are just some of the specialists that you may need throughout the project:
    • Custom Home Builder
    • Lawyer
    • Architect
    • Interior Home Designer
    • Mortgage Broker
    • Landscape Architect
    • A reputable Real Estate agent
  • Don’t forget to check references and select experts who know and understand your style and budget.
  • Secure the land where you will build if you haven’t already. Research the costs to prep and service the lot. Be thoughtful about the how the location will influence the design of your home. A real estate agent and designer will be helpful for this phase.
  • Start the planning process with your team of experts to bring your dream to life.
  • Communicate with your home builder and work with them to ensure a result that you will be happy with. Let the build begin!